Puerto Rico - Suffering from the Aftermath of Hurricanes


by Günther Eichhorn


Puerto Rico map

In January 2018 I went on a sailing ship cruise in the Caribbean with Sail Windjammer on the S/V Mandalay. On the flight back to the USA I stopped in Puerto Rico for a couple of nights.

On 7 September, Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico and caused extensive damage and power loss. Two weeks later, on 20 September, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and caused tremendous damage. I was wondering how well Puerto Rico had recovered four months after the hurricanes. During my visit I saw still a lot of damage. Utility crews where everywhere, working on repairing damage.

I visited two nature parks, El Yunque National Forest and Guánica Dry Forest Reserve. Nature has been damaged extensively by the hurricane as well, especially in the El Yunque National Forest. The Guánica Dry Forest Reserve did not suffer as much.