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عمان (Oman) - Buraimi, an Island in the Desert


Travel pictures from Oman

by Dr. Günther Eichhorn


Oman Map

During my visit to the Middle East to the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf in November 2005 I visited Buraimi in Oman. Al-Ain and Buraimi are next to each other in a desert oasis complex. There used to be several water wells in this area around which these cities formed. When the borders for the Emirates and Oman were drawn, the people were asked to which Emir they want to belong. Al-Ain and Buraimi decided to have allegiance to different Emirs, so the were moved to different countries, even though they a closely related. There is no border control between the Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates and Buraimi in Oman, you don't even notice when you cross the border. Oman is not as rich as the Emirates, since it doesn't have oil. But Buraimi is not very different from Al-Ain. From what I understand, the border checks are done further into Oman, in order to keep the two parts of the oasis together as much as possible.